liqueur miniature gift set (otc) - 3 x 5cl

liqueur miniature gift set (otc) - 3 x 5cl

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Raisthorpe Manor Liqueur Miniatures Gift Set- 3 x 5cl

The Raisthorpe Manor liqueur miniatures gift set presents a collection of three 5cl bottles of flavoured vodka from the WILD Vodka range. WILD Vodka is based on traditional family recipes from the Raisthorpe Manor Fine Foods, a brand that started out as a passion project creating small batches of gin from a farmhouse kitchen.

Today, the variants included in a Wild Vodka Liqueur mini gift set may include any combination of three from the following flavour selection: Green Apple WILD Vodka Liqueur, Raspberry and Apple WILD Vodka Liqueur, Toffee and Caramel WILD Vodka Liqueur, Strawberry WILD Vodka Liqueur, Chocolate WILD Vodka Liqueur, Tangy Orange WILD Vodka Liqueur, and Blackcurrant WILD Vodka Liqueur. A Green Apple Vodka small bottle gift pack will include two other flavours from these variants.

Raisthorpe Wild Vodka miniature gift pack contain three bottles of vodka expressed at 21% ABV. You can choose to take it neat or, as a vodka base to bring the flavourful and colourful cocktails of your dreams to life.

If the Raisthorpe vodka mini gift set does not end in your home mini bar, it will be a presentable alcoholic gift for adult family and friends who love to go on an alcohol adventure. With each variant bursting with mouthwatering flavours, there’s surely at least one flavour to complement every palate.