miniature gift set (4 x 4cl)

miniature gift set (4 x 4cl)

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Vodka Bar Miniature Gift Set- 4 x 4cl

This Vodka miniature gift set comes in sets of four flavoured vodkas each presented in 4cl bottles. Every set comes with a small Blackberry flavored vodka, lime vodka, blueberry vodka, and strawberry vodka. It is ideal for sampling and, if vodka binge nights are to be arranged with your friends, this flavoured vodka miniature set will also help easily create a vodka lineup shot contest to see who downs vodka fastest.

Also sometimes termed as the Blueberry Vodka 4cl gift set, each package comes with four shot glasses that are colour-coded for each one of the flavours included in this set. Other than taking neat or chilled, Vodka Bar flavoured alcoholic drinks also work well with lime vodka mixers and mixers for strawberry vodka to create irresistible looking cocktails that are no less than worthy for posting in your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

This vodka set could be a perfect fit for an all-girls out-of-town weekend or, an all out girls night out bachelorette party. It does make great special favours for all the ladies in a bridal entourage. It could also be an ideal present for a woman who knows how to love and respect the purity of vodka.