plain vodka miniature - 5cl

plain vodka miniature - 5cl

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Vladivar Vodka Miniatures



Vladivar Plain Vodka was created in the UK but, after the original owners, G&J Greenall Distillery, sold the brand to Whyte and Mackay, Vladivar Vodka has since been distilled in Scotland. The best way to experience this vodka for first-timers is by reaching for a Vladivar Vodka miniature.

Its super smooth texture is the result of triple distillation of pure grain followed by charcoal filtration. While a Vladivar Plain Vodka miniature is botted at 37.5% ABV, the flavour-infused versions, available in Vladivar Raspberry and Vanilla, and Vladivar Apple and Pear, are expressed at 20% ABV. Vladivar Plain is highly versatile and absolutely made for mixing classic and more adventurous cocktails alike, and guarantees subtleness that will not overpower the taste of your mixers.

The Vladivar classic vodka mini bottle is packaged exactly like the regular-sized bottle. Every bottle offers an easy way for customizing the labels, making these a great choice for party favours or celebrations that require toasts and distribution to big groups, particularly when the venue is set outdoors. Vladivar Vodka 50ml is also great for gifting during the holidays. Keep one for your personal enjoyment and satisfaction whenever you feel like you need to be comforted with vodka.