handmade vodka miniature - 5cl

handmade vodka miniature - 5cl

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Tito's Handmade Vodka Miniature - 5cl

Tito’s Vodka is a brand founded in Austin, Texas by its founder known by the name, “Tito”, and whose surname is “Beveridge”. Fitting, heh? Tito's Vodka handmade 50ml was originally formulated in makeshift pot stills which Tito initially handed out as gifts to his closest family and friends. The year was 1997.

Fast forward to 2001, Tito’s Handmade Vodka was far from the small batch distillery it once was which, by then, was approximately making more than the limit set for micro distilleries  or, upwards of 40,000 cases. By 2017, Tito’s Vodka commanded more than 7% of the US market for vodka. The leap came with previously unimaginable ways of blending Tito's Vodka drinks.

A Tito's Vodka small bottle contains only “the nectar” of the distill. The resulting spirit is further filtered using activated carbon. Among the most abundantly loved Tito's Vodka mixers for this 40% ABV vodka expression are the American Mule, Austin Martini, Cosmopolitan, and the MoTito.

Tito’s will light up the fire to any party. The simplistic bottling is a total understatement of the spirit inside that’s no less than worthy of commendation. Given away as favours or as holiday presents, Tito’s can be easily personalised for your gifting requirements and are made to impress the palate.