vodka miniature gift set - 3 x 5cl

vodka miniature gift set - 3 x 5cl

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The Lakes Vodka Miniature Gift Set - 3 x 5cl

This vodka label is brought to you by The Lakes Distillery located in Cumbria in the United Kingdom. The makers behind The Lakes Vodka are the same ones behind the equally successful The Lakes Gin and The Lakes Whisky. With the main vodka offering made available in a carton package containing three 5cl bottles of vodka from this distillery, The Lakes vodka mini gift set is undoubtedly one made for sharing and drinking with the company of closest friends and family.

The Lakes Distillery Vodka miniatures gift set is also a practical and most welcome present for the vodka enthusiast or, for a non-vodka drinker to sample. If you are a mixologist yourself, you definitely should keep one in your own bar at home. It comes in handy for your personal late night satisfaction when you simply feel like the taste of pure, crystal clear vodka will be a treat before a good night’s sleep. It would be nice to have a Lakes Vodka around to impress guests who just couldn’t get enough of the magical taste and presentation of beautifully crafted cocktails.

The Lakes Vodka gift packs are awesome favours to give for very special people who have helped you make a difference or accomplish something important to you in your own little corner of the world.