vodka miniature - 5cl

vodka miniature - 5cl

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The Lakes Vodka Miniatures- 5cl

The Lakes Distillery Vodka 5cl is made from English wheat that is triple distilled in a handmade copper pot still, and uses water drawn from the River Derwent in Cumbria. The result is a pure, clear and crisp spirit with an ultra smooth character that treads ever so lightly on the palate. The 40% ABV expression makes it great for drinking neat or chilled, and makes a great base for any kind of vodka based cocktail you can think of.

On the nose, The Lakes Vodka almost does not give off any distinctive aroma, other than very subtle hints of sweetness from the wheat and light pepper. The palate is smooth and warming. A sip carries simple but subtly complex blend of spice from white and black peppers swimming on the equally subtle sweetness and starchiness of tart. The spicy aftertaste lingers in parallel with the lingering warmth of vodka.

The Lakes Vodka miniatures come in tiny apothecary looking bottles with a clear, transparent finish that shows of the clarity and purity of the vodka it contains. Lakes Vodka small bottles resemble regular sized counterparts except for the twist top cap. It is easy to add simple customisations and personalised messages to the package which makes it a perfect choice for holiday gift-giving or as vodka birthday presents.