fine ruby port miniature - 5cl

fine ruby port miniature - 5cl

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Taylors Fine Ruby Port Miniatures - 5cl

If you like your wines, you’ve most likely had a good share of your reds and whites but, you’ve probably never had a Port wine as luxuriously full bodied as a Taylors Fine Ruby. Have a generous serving from a Taylors Fine Wine miniature today to find out the extraordinary difference of this port wine from others in its league.

Taylors Fine Ruby Port miniatures are made from a flavourful blend of Port wines aged in oak vats for a period of two years. During this relatively limited period of maturation, the fruitiness of the wine, both in aroma and taste, develops. As a result of aging, the ruby red appearance of the wine also becomes more pronounced, although the dark tint of Taylors Fine Wine small bottles conceals this detail from the naked eye.

The moment a bottle of Taylors Fine Ruby Port 5cl is opened, the strong aroma of very concentrated fruits release a highly distinguishable scent in the air. Taylors Fine Ruby Port mini makes an intense, fruity introduction to the palate with juicy black fruits leaving it lined with rich tannins. Its flavour profile makes it an ideal wine to pair with blue cheese and other soft cheese varieties.

Fragrant, deeply coloured and very fruity, this Taylor’s Port, bottled at 20% ABV is definitely designed for social drinking. For your outdoor events where raising a glass is inevitable, consider a Taylor’s Fine Ruby Port.