liqueur miniature - 5cl

liqueur miniature - 5cl

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Southern Liqueur Miniatures


Southern Comfort miniatures was first formulated and released in 1874 in New Orleans. Contrary to common notion, Southern Comfort, also available in Southern Comfort mini, is technically not a whiskey but, a liqueur with a whiskey base.

A Southern Comfort small bottle is presented at 35% ABV expression. Unlike other regular whiskies, Southern Comfort is made with taste and approachability being its top priorities. Made with American grain and peaches blended with founder Heron’s choice spices and fruits, Southern Comfort 5cl opens to the aroma of cooked peaches and vanilla sprinkled with orange zest. On the palate, it delivers smooth whiskey with a distinctively sweet, honeyed flavour that is subtly blended with orange marmalade. The finish comes out long, herbal and spicy with lingering sweetness that stays to the end.

Southern Comfort mini bottles are presented in transparent packaging which permits the golden brown liquid to show through. Consider a Southern Comfort small bottle for your private gratification either for neat drinking or for fixing your favourite whiskey-based cocktails.. Impress with the taste of whiskey made more friendly. It also makes ideal servings for occasions that call for a toast with a big crowd or, for outdoor activities that demand the lingering warmth of whiskey.