Siderit Spanish London Dry Gin Miniature - 5cl

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Gin Siderit is an authentic recipe London Dry Gin which is handcrafted in Cantabria, northern Spain from rye alcohol.
The distillation is made by macerating twelve botanicals before double distilling take place in small 25 litre batches in a reflux fractional column still.
The flower of Jamaica gives this Gin its floral aroma and a fresh aftertaste, mandarin and pink peppercorns envelop the palate with a hint of pleasant sweetness, while angelica root, coriander seeds and cinnamon bark provide a set of rich sensations in the mouth.
Lily root, also known as German orris, enhances all scents and flavours. Bitter orange peel is added to counterbalance the mandarin and pink pepper sweetness.
Finally almonds provide smoothness to the distillate.