vodka - real inside - 25cl

vodka - real inside - 25cl

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Vodka With Scorpio


From the moment this vodka was made available to the public, curiosity and deep interest have been raised. Is the scorpion inside the bottle of Scorpion Vodka real? Is the vodka with scorpion safe?

Drinking from this bottle may seem dangerous but, its makers, Firebox, a relatively new house of spirits with a hip, modern and playful culture, guarantee that sipping on this spirit is 100% safe. The scorpion infused vodka miniature and full-sized bottles come with a free scorpion floating freely inside. The scorpions have been farmed and rid of its poison. If you want, you can even munch on the crunchy and edible scorpion inside a vodka small bottle. Make vodka-based martinis and classic G&T more exciting by topping off with the vicious-looking scorpion inside.

Available in Scorpion Vodka 250ml, this brand of vodka is also sold in miniature bottles that appear like the exact replica of its regular-sized counterparts. The vodka is delivered in  old apothecary bottles that, likewise, proudly and prominently shows the fierce scorpion inside. The vodka inside is infused with a woody taste, giving this otherwise flavourless spirit a more complex palate.

Scorpion vodka mini bottle is sold in the UK and where available in the world.