Raisthorpe Manor Platinum Sloe Liqueur with Sherry Miniature - 5cl

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Raisthorpe Manor's Sloe liqueur made with Sherry is a clever twist on the old favourite Sloe gin.

Created using traditional methods and locally sourced sloe berries that have been steeped in English sherry (fortified wine) and sugar for at least 6 months to create very smooth, fruity and warming drink.

This Platinum Collection liqueur is fruitier than a straight sloe gin, yet curiously dry, this liqueur is for the serious sloe addict who loves the punch that is associated with a well matured sloe liqueur.

Raisthorpe's Sloe Sherry liqueur can be drunk neat or can be mixed with Champagne or sparkling wine to make a cocktail.

For something a little different why not boost the flavour in gravies and sauces simply perfect with red meat dishes, such as duck and lamb.