Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin Miniature (Lavender Edition) - 5cl

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Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin Miniature (Lavender Edition) - 5cl

Masons Lavender edition dry Gin is produced in small batches of 200 litres using a traditional distillation method.

Incorporating local Harrogate spring water and just the right balance of juniper berries, citrus and a secret blend of botanicals the Masons have finally created a distinctly unique Gin that they are proud to call Masons Yorkshire Gin.

A crystal clear Gin with a slight purple rim, the nose is packed full of lavender almost like you are standing in a lavender field. The palate is very warming with a slight oiliness and is packed full of lavender. There is also a slight woody note and a hint of spicy citrus peel.
The finish is well-balanced and has a good length.
Perfect on its own or mixed with your favourite tonic water.