vodka energy liqueur miniature - 2cl

vodka energy liqueur miniature - 2cl

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Kleiner Klopfer Vodka Energy Liqueur Miniatures- 2cl

Kleiner Klopfer Vodka Energy Liqueur miniature is a vodka liqueur bottled at 15% alcohol expression. Kleiner Klopfer liqueur miniature is an alcoholic beverage designed for partying but also for staying up all night. This liqueur is manufactured by Getränkevertrieb GmbH in Germany.

Showing through the small Kleiner Klopfer 5cl bottle is a bright, yellow liquid that evokes energy itself. It comes in  a clear bottle with a crown top. This liqueur is also available in tiny bottles of 2cl each.

Kleiner Klopfer vodka energy liqueur miniature has been characterised to open up to an undeniably sweet smell on the nose, dropping  an aromatic blend of bananas, pears and taurine. The texture is light on the palate, leaving behind the mild yet lingering warmth of vodka. This vodka liqueur is recommended taken chilled and straight from the bottle.

Kleiner Klopfer vodka small bottles are also sold by the box, containing 25 units of 2cl boxes which is great for hosting bigger parties as it allows for easier and more practical distribution. If not taken neat, a Kleiner Klopfer will also be a good alcohol for spiking your, otherwise, usual morning or late night coffee.

If you have a knack for customising the bottle design, make each bottle more personal and unique for your guests. Leave a good impression or drop a personalised message simply by replacing the labels. Gift it for bigger groups or, wrap up a box for personal gifting. Or, might as well enjoy one for yourself.