(honey) original recipe tennessee liqueur miniature - 5cl

(honey) original recipe tennessee liqueur miniature - 5cl

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Jack Daniels Honey Miniatures- 5cl

The Jack Daniels Honey miniature is all about delivering “a little bit of honey” and “a whole of Jack”. Jack Daniels Honey mini bottles are made using the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey as the base spirit. With the addition of honey, the complexity of Jack’s is made more approachable and more satisfying from the well balanced aroma of blended oak and caramel, down to the subtle, sweet vanilla taste and ultra smooth, mouth-filling finish.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey miniature comes in 5cl transparent bottles presented with the full labeling as in a regular-sized bottle. The tempting appearance of the liquid inside makes a Jack Daniels Honey small bottle even more difficult to resist. There’s a marked stickiness and thickness in the liquid as it clings to the sides of the bottle when swirled, just like honey only thinner than honey but still thicker than pure whiskey.

A small bottle of Jack Daniels Honey is a lovely choice of party favours, whether you’re planning to give it for a personal celebration or a company event. For gifting, there are also several Jack Daniels Honey mini sets to choose from. There’s a set that combines this variant with the Jack Daniels Tennessee No. 7 and Jack Daniels Fire, as well as set that combines the JD Honey with an exclusive shot glass bearing this variant’s trademarks.