old no.7 tennessee whiskey miniature - 5cl

old no.7 tennessee whiskey miniature - 5cl

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Jack Daniels Old No.7 Mini- 5cl

According to unconfirmed accounts the Jack Daniels Old No.7 mini is made from the seventh recipe used by Mr Daniels for producing this proudly American-made whiskey before actually succeeding in obtaining the whiskey taste he was looking for. Although, the whiskey formula and processing used in this Jack Daniels 5cl has been claimed to more closely resemble a bourbon than a whiskey. In fact, Jack Daniels mini bottles would pass for bourbon based on existing regulation and yet the JD Whisky makers insist on marketing this liquor as whiskey.

A Jack Daniels miniature opens up to a light but distinctly sweet aroma that combines caramel butterscotch and vanilla made more complex by a hint of woody oak. A Jack Daniels mini delivers a highly approachable and yet highly complex tasting notes that are often characterised to include woodiness and spiciness on top of the readily apparent sweetness from caramel and mild bitterness from toffee.

The Old No. 7 is particularly made more flavourful by adopting what has come to be called the “Lincoln County process” associated with making bourbon. The process involves subjecting the spirit to approximately 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal before it is allowed to age in barrels. However, you will notice that a Jack Daniels small bottle does not bear any age statement. That’s because Jack Daniels miniature bottles are allowed to age for as long it takes to achieve consistency in colour, aroma and palate based on the individual judgment of in-house distillers.

Enjoy a bottle of Jack’s to celebrate endings and beginnings. Share this certified American favourite with family and friends.