Gautier XO Pinar Del Rio Exclusive Cigar Blend Cognac Miniature - 5cl

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Gautier Pinar Del Rio Exclusive Cigar Blend Cognac is amber in colour with a slight flash of mahogany and rosewood around the rim.
The nose has an extraordinary richness of complex aromas including hints of vanilla, dried fruit peel and a slight woodiness.
Blends of various Cognacs from other regions give this Pinar Del Rio its true character, these regions include Fins Bois for its body, Grande and Petite Champagne for their finesse and finish.
This Gautier XO Pinar Del Rio can be enjoyed neat with a Havana cigar and is the ideal gift for cigar lovers.
Gautier Pinar del Rio Cigar Blend is the result of several pain staking months of work and patience by the Cellar Master and is perfect for the connoisseurs whose educated palate will appreciate the combination of an aged Cognacs and a quality cigar.