spiced rum miniature - 5cl

spiced rum miniature - 5cl

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Cloven Hoof Spiced Rum Miniatures- 5cl

“Guaranteed to warm the depths of your soul and release the Devil within,” the Cloven Hoof Rum miniature is created from a blend of authentic complex rums from Guyana and lighter flavoured rums from Trinidad.. Cloven Hoof Spiced Rum 5cl bottles take their remarkably exotic flavour influences from a traditional, secret recipe that includes cassia, anise and clove.

Cloven Hoof rum miniatures are bottled in 5cl transparent bottles that show off the rich, dark brown, almost black, coloured rum inside. It’s a tasty treat and rum enthusiasts are raving about its most welcome take on the rum which is far from the heavily syruped of vanilla-infused labels belonging to the rum range.

Bottled at 37.5% ABV, Cloven Hoof Spiced Rum miniatures open up to the indulgent aroma of generously served gingerbread, caramel and fruitcake, almost as if when Christmas is just around the corner. The taste takes on a bold and powerful zing and spiciness from ginger with a undertones of sweetness from apple pie sprinkled with cinnamon. The Cloven Hoof Spiced Rum miniature delivers a finish heavily defined by the natural spiciness of ginger and the intense, lingering warmth of rum.

It could be a fitting gift for the fun and thrill-seeking soul, To intensify your warm wishes for the celebrant, make it a Cloven Hoof Spiced Rum miniature set simply because one bottle can easily become one too many with this rum brand.