Andrea da Ponte Uve Bianche Miniature - 5cl

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Andrea da Ponte Uve Bianche Miniature - 5cl

Andrea da Ponte Uve Bianche is a pure distilled spirit from aromatic grapes.
The resulting liduid is luminous and clear to the eye, the nose boasts an inebriating bouquet of clean-edged summer fruits this include apricots, pears, apples, melons and well-ripened grapes.
The first sip reveals a wonderful, smooth, seductive appeal, which then presents a smooth floral note that showcase a truly refined delicacy and the distinctive qualities classic to both the Malvasia and Chardonnay grapes.
Thanks mainly to the small batch bain-marie pot still method that is exclusive to Andrea Da Ponte, aromatic essences emerge unusually clean and fragrant to define this superb liqueurs character.