Absolut Perfect Chill Freezer Vodka Miniature Gift Set - 5 x 5cl

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Absolut Perfect Chill Miniature Gift Set

Absolut Perfect Chill miniature gift set offers five of the most popular signature infused vodka flavours from the Absolut vodka brand. That’s right! Five of the best-selling Absolut flavoured vodka variants, each one showing off the premium quality vodka inside with miniature bottles that present an exact replica of their respective regular-sized bottle counterparts.

The Absolut Chilli Vodka Miniature Gift Set comes with these five versatile flavour infused vodka variants: Absolut Raspberri, Absolut Pears, Absolut Citron, Absolut Vanilia, and Absolut Blue. Fruity, delicately sweet, lemony, creamy, and plain, respectively, this Absolut Vodka Gift Set is guaranteed to offer something someone will love to sip on or add to long drinks.

This Absolut Vodka miniatures gift set is not only intended to be enjoyed by the avid Absolut Vodka drinker but also by a palate that remains unacquainted with the great-taste and warmth only an absolutely pure and clear vodka can offer. Gift close groups, relatives or your next-door neighbour with Absolut Vodka Gift Baskets that hold an even wider range of Absolut vodka offerings.

For giving specially helpful people who helped make your function happen and run smoothly, consider gifting them with an Absolut Vodka Minis Gift Pack. Birthdays, promotions, weddings, anniversaries -- any event that celebrates your feats and milestones or toasts to a bright hope for your future deserves an Absolut Vodka.