Absolut Kurant Vodka Miniature - 5cl

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Absolut Kurant Miniatures

Absolut Vodka Kurant is an expression of the true origins of this brand. Launched in 1992, its Swedish makers scour the local landscape for black currant, the key flavour infusion for this vodka which is carried well in every Absolut Kurant miniature. Imagine vodka swimming in the smooth and mellow fruity acids and reviving freshness of selectively picked black currant berries. The resulting taste has been characterised to be slightly tarty except, true to its Absolut Vodka crafting traditions, the Absolut Kurant Vodka is guaranteed to be sugar-free.

An Absolut Kurant Blackcurrant Flavored Vodka mini is highly recommended taken neat and pure, Although, the excitement with every sip continues when mixing this vodka variant with your most preferred vodka based cocktails. An Absolut Kurant Vodka small bottle is made to bring out extraordinary flavours in your cocktail ingredients and does even better when you keep it simple. Top recommendations include mixing Absolut Kurant with regular soda, apple juice, and even to spike your go-to fresh fruit smoothies and iced coffee. This vodka’s versatile yet complex structure makes mixing possibilities absolutely limitless.

If you find yourself loving Absolut Kurant, wouldn’t it be great if you can share it with people you care about the most? Give the gift of absolute purity today.