blue vodka & coke (miniature & mini can set)

blue vodka & coke (miniature & mini can set)

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Absolut Blue Vodka & Mini Coke Cans

One of the most classic combination to enjoy a vodka is to have both an Absolut Blue Vodka & Mini Coke Can on each hand. Heaven? Indeed!

The Absolut Blue mini bottle is created using pure winter wheat without any added sugar, unlike many other vodkas you’ll find in the market. Clear, pure, and absolutely spicy, an Absolut Vodka Blue miniature bottle delivers the crystal clear vodka quality that can only be achieved with a continuous distillation process. Absolut Blue has been created for neat drinking although, its smooth and mellow alcohol content and flavour offers just the right kind of bite you want to go into your cocktails. Nothing overpowering, an Absolut Blue Vodka miniature will bring out the best in your favourite cocktail mixes. Now, you can easily and skilfully fix one yourself.

Most days, you’ll probably just want to keep your vodka drink simple. These are the moments that call for an Absolut Blue miniature Coke Cans Set. Perfect together, Coke and Vodka is an easy drink that suits any scene, any function, any day, and weather. When you’re in the mood for an Absolut, keep it simple. Share the good taste with your friends and family. Give out a combo on game night or pass a couple of sets around to add life to your beach or garden party. Whatever the occasion, this Absolut Vodka and Coke combo are guaranteed to bring nothing but success.