gin miniature - 5cl

gin miniature - 5cl

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6 O'Clock Gin Miniatures- 5cl

The 6 O’Clock Gin is a spirit created for added momentum for your downtime. It's light, crisp and easy on the palate. Also available in 6 o' clock gin 5cl servings, it offers a quick toast to celebrating the accomplishment of your personal milestones. Strikingly smooth, enjoy this London Dry Gin served neat at 43% ABV expression straight from its gorgeous blue bottle.

The 6 o'clock gin miniature also comes in its iconic blue packaging. It delivers all the qualities that you expect from an authentic and classic London Dry Gin. On the nose and the palate, the unmistakable strong and bold aroma of citrus from juniper comes through. This gin is also infused with a well-balanced taste and spice from coriander seed, angelica root, orris root, winter savory, and peels from elderflower and orange. Its complex structure delivers an absolutely pleasing and memorable flavour that lingers with the warmth of gin to the end.

6 o'clock mini can be a most welcome addition to your spirits collection at home, and will certainly be a most welcome present for an enthusiastic gin drinker as well. Create highly palatable G&T on your own for your own satisfaction or to impress your friends. Miniature bottles of 6 O’Clock Gin will also make appealing as well as tasteful party favours for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and company-sponsored functions.