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William Grant’s Whisky Miniatures

The Grants Whisky is from William Grant & Sons, the same independent, Scottish, family-owned company behind the most awarded and most respected wines and spirits brands in the whole wide world. It is not surprising, therefore, that the William Grants whisky miniatures deliver the same high level of standards in production that other brands, including The Balvenie and Glenfiddich, from this company are well-known for.

The Grants whisky Family Reserve has been recently rebranded as the Grant’s Triple Wood and has been aptly renamed so. Transferred three times from Virgin Oak cask to American Oak to barrels once filled with Bourbon, this whisky was created to be milder and smoother than its single malt counterparts. This extraordinary process of aging the wine makes the William Grants miniature collection a must-have for your own mini bar at home.

This blended whisky opens up your nostrils with the aroma of spices infused with vanilla and cream — nothing overpowering but very bold and distinct. The taste reflects a medium-bodied whisky that hints on the sweetness of caramel, toffee and fudge. It leaves an after taste that is made of honey, almonds and prunes that still allows the flavourful malt to come through.

Grants whisky miniatures feature the same triangular-shaped bottle that distinguishes this brand of whisky — a feature that it shares prominently with the Glenfiddich. This drink is so classic that it has a signature cocktail for blended scotch specifically named after it: the Grant’s Old Fashioned Cocktail. It’s so easy to fix yourself one with a glass of Grants mini. Simply add a zest of orange, about three drops of bitter orange, a dash of bitter Angostura, and sugar syrup.