10 yr single malt scotch whisky miniature - 5cl

10 yr single malt scotch whisky miniature - 5cl

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Ardbeg 10 yr Single Malt Scotch Whisky Miniature - 5cl

The first initial sniff is a wonderful mix of chocolate sweetness and toffee along with cinnamon, mixed spices and a slightly medicinal tone. After the initial tones have subsided there are fragrant hints of fresh citrus and floral notes and just a slight hint of white wine.

Due to Islay's location you will also find the fresh aromas of salty sea spray.

Once swirling round the mouth there is an initial moderate yet clean sweetness of deep peaty notes, along with tobacco smoke and strong black coffee all of which give way to dark treacle sweetness and liquorice.

Ending with a long and smoky sweetness on the palate.