Design 01 (Personalised Wedding Favour Miniature)

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London Dry Gin (5cl)
  • London Dry Gin (5cl)
  • Blended Scotch Whisky (5cl)
  • Single Malt Scoth Whisky (5cl)
  • Vodka (5cl)
  • Red Wine (18.7cl)
  • White Wine (18.7cl)
  • Prosecco (20cl)

Design 01 (Personalised Wedding Favour Miniature)

Personalised wedding favour miniatures containing your choice of quality spirits and wines.

Include your country flags within this wedding favour label design. Perfect for a wedding between two people of different nationality or for those simply proud of their heritage. We are also able to print the same flag on both flag poles.


First Names,
Country Flags,
Married Name,
Wedding Date.

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