Vodka Miniatures

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Vodka Miniatures 

Vodka is a distilled, highly alcoholic spirit originating in Russia and Poland. In the early days, this drink was mainly used in cosmetics and medicines. It is claimed that the whole history of Russia is tied to vodka. Most of the vodka was produced by local tavern owners who became very rich at the expense of their customers. 

Vodka is a neutral spirit, devoid of colour and hence it is distilled from a variety of food materials like potato, corn or wheat. Using modern technology, the grains or vegatables are added to the mash tub machines. After the raw material break down, malt meal is added to this mixture to convert the starch to sugar. The next step is sterilizing this mixture by heating the mash at boiling point. It is then poured into vats and left for a certain period of time for fermentation. This liquid is distilled to remove any impurities and finally water is added to lower the alcohol content. Brands such as Smirnoff and Absolut contain lighter flavours as compared to the otherwise robust flavours of the drink which can be found in Stolichnaya vodka. Whether you are consuming it straight or in a vodka based cocktail, please enjoy responsibly. 

Find miniature vodka bottles, miniature flavoured vodka bottles, of your favourite brands including Greey Goose, Crystal Head, Ciroc, Finlandia and many more. Whether you’re topping up your collection at home or creating a mini vodka bottles set for a friend or family member, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in our vodka miniatures collection.