Big brands miniature party box - 20 x 5cl

Big brands miniature party box - 20 x 5cl

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Miniature Party Pack

The Big Brands Miniature Box features five best selling brands of spirits that includes: Bacardi Rum small bottle, Smirnoff Red miniature vodka, Jack Daniels Tennessee mini bottle whiskey, Baileys Irish Cream small bottles liqueurs, and Bombay Sapphire gin miniature. Each of the five labels are included in this gift box in bottles of four.

A Jack Daniels miniature is good to enjoy on your own but, best when shared with people close to you. It’s a good thing this gift set comes with Jack Daniels 4 pack bottles.  Bacardi Rum 50ml bottles are also easier to carry or pass around and taken from the bottle, doing away with the need for ball glasses when you’re hosting an outdoor party. Consider giving away the miniatures in this set as party favours. Instead of gifting only with a Bombay Sapphire Gin Set, get this Big Brands Miniature Box where there is sure to be at least one drink for each one in your party.

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