vanilia vodka miniature - 5cl

vanilia vodka miniature - 5cl

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Absolut Vanilia Vodka Miniatures

When a classic spirit meets one of the richest, warmest, most delectable flavours in the whole world, the product becomes Absolut Vodka Vanilla mix. First introduced in 2003, the Absolut Vanilia vodka miniature was a big hit and became a worldwide sensation overnight. This Absolut Vodka variant tastes like a spiked thick vanilla ice cream blended with premium dark chocolate and butterscotch except this delectable treat absolutely does not contain any sugar.

Whether to sample this Absolut Vodka flavour or, to keep enjoying its exceptional taste over and over again, an Absolut Vanilia Vodka miniature will always be well-received. Have special people in your life discover Absolut Vanilia for themselves. Share the flavours, share the joy, and share the memories with a mini bottle of Absolut Vanilia.

While any party you host can definitely use Absolut Vanilla drinks taken neat and straight from miniature bottles, Absolut Vanilla Vodka mini drinks are most welcome for the vodka drinker who prefers to have long and fancy cocktail drinks. The miniature Absolut Vanilla Vodka bottle comes in the same medicine bottle and prints, replicating exactly the appearance of the regular sized bottle. It’s great for your solo enjoyment but, made even more exciting when sipping it with people who shared your past and who will be more than happy to witness the future with you.