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Kings Ginger Liqueur Miniatures

A leader indeed in its own right, The Kings Ginger liqueur is meticulously put together with a blend of 16 grams of ginger to one litre of spirit derived from molasses together with a dash of lemon, it brings you the taste which England’s royal family has enjoyed throughout the ages. Boldly flavoured with a generous amount of ginger, The Kings Ginger liqueur miniature leaves a pleasant warmth stepped up with the naturally fiery properties of gin. It leaves a soothing and lingering warmth to the throat that will get you hooked from your very first sip.

It’s ideal to keep mini bottles of King’s Ginger liqueur within arm’s reach whether you prefer it taken as it is or, as part of a mouth-watering cocktail mix. Empty the contents of a King’s Ginger miniature bottle into your cup of hot cocoa as you sit by the fire during winter to get you cozied up.

Share your King’s Ginger liqueur experience with others by giving them the King’s Ginger Gift Set. Even The King’s Ginger gift set is a luxurious way of saying, “Hola!” “Thank You,” “Sorry” or, “I’m Thinking About You” without the need to utter a single word.