The Famous Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky

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The Famous Grouse Whisky Miniatures

This brand takes pride on being the blended scotch whisky of choice in Scotland. Housed in the oldest distillery that remains operational in Scotland, the Famous Grouse miniature Whisky has been carefully blended with the top selection of high-quality raw materials. Casks have been carefully handpicked and flavoured to retain the same level of finest quality revered and savoured throughout the years.

Most drinkers prefer this whisky concocted with their cocktails, mostly due to its light flavours with a strong alcohol kick. Others prefer to take this whisky on the rocks but say that it may not be as full flavoured as other equally popular whiskies in the market but, they agree it gives good value for money. Have your own say of this whisky with the FamousGrouse whisky miniatures. Have a taste of the finest grains, pure Scottish water and seasoned casks tightly locked in a Famous Grouse small bottle.

A Famous Grouse miniatures gift set will have your hands on the most popular blends of whisky imagined and executed under this brand. Light and flavourful, the Famous Grouse will make for an ideal base of cocktails laden with equally light and tasty juices, teas and extracts. Enjoy garnished with a slush of the freshest fruits that you can find.