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The Duke Gin Miniatures

The Duke Munich Dry Gin is a reflection of the perfection of craftsmanship which Germany has earned a reputation for. Traditional and carefully crafted, The Duke Gin is infused with 13 botanicals, that includes lemon peel, angelica root, juniper, coriander, ginger root, lavender, and orange blossoms beautifully engulfed in Bavarian hops. The result is crystal clear gin, expressed at 45% ABV. Irresistible indeed and you can sample this with The Duke gin miniatures.

This unique gin blend is produced in Munich in small batches. It is named after the former Duke of Bavaria, Henry the Lion, which complements The Duke gin mini’s historic upbringing. Opening bottles of The Duke gin miniatures unlocks the cool and powerful aroma of spiced eucalyptus and mild hints of floral. On the palate, this gin conveys a smooth and soft texture, leaving a sweet, floral finish.

Duke Gin mini bottles provide ideal serving sizes for creating marvellous looking and great tasting martinis and Tom Collins, and it even conveys gin’s medicinal value when fixed into a Ginger Sour drink. A unique and extraordinary manner of showing your appreciation, mini bottles of Duke Munich dry gin, aside from gifting, are also ideal for giveaways and as personalised party favours.