Tequila Rose Mini Bottles

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Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream Liqueur Miniature - 5cl Tequila Rose miniature is premium creaminess flavoured with strawberries. It’s...
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Tequila Rose Mini Bottles

Enjoy the tough kick of alcohol from tequila richly and harmoniously embraced by the original Strawberry Cream from Tequila Rose liqueurs mini bottles. Thick and gorgeous just like the yummy milkshake you enjoyed as a little boy or little girl, this drink only carries a hint of tequila which, nevertheless, remains distinguishable as you sip on the creamy mixture. Tequila rose drinks are enjoyed poured straight from the bottle into a tall cocktail glass with a strawberry to garnish and perhaps crushed mint to top it with.

If you prefer higher tequila in your creamy, alcoholic strawberry drink, you can always achieve that by mixing in more higher proof tequila. In any case, a Tequila Rose 70cl is also great to spike your ice cream desserts, coffee or cocoa, just as a Tequila Rose 500ml will make enough for yourself plus a handful of your friends.

Jazz up your cakes and pastries with the same unique combination of very berry frothy cream with a sling of tequila taste using a Tequila Rose mini bottle in case you don’t need as much as a Tequila Rose 750 ml contains.

Take home an elegant bottle of Tequila Rose liqueur 5cl miniature to perk up your personal corner of wines and spirits. For that once in a lifetime affair to remember, give away a Tequila Rose gift set or a Tequila Rose mini.