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Teacher’s Whisky Miniatures

The Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky traces its history amidst a 1830s backdrop of Glasgow. Although the Teacher’s Highland that is currently in market circulation was not created until the 1860s with an unusually high concentration of peated malt that gave the alcohol a bold, full flavour.

What was then sold as a crafted whisky in local dram shops has, today, become one of the largest brands of scotch. The best part is that the same luxurious flavours are also available in Teacher’s miniature bottles.

Teacher’s Highland Cream whisky miniatures contain the same deep, complex flavours undeniably made with supreme care and skill. As the years passed, the family-run stills started to brew other variants. In general Teacher’s whiskies are created from blends of single malts and grain whisky that give this brand a distinct profile that sets it apart from other blended scotch whiskies.

The Teacher’s whisky gift set offers a sampling of a handful of the most popular variants bearing the Teacher’s label. For a Teacher’s whisky small bottle price of €1.79, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t already be acquainting your taste buds with a classic. Similarly, a Teacher’s Whisky 5cl is also a good place to start appreciating this century-old creation.