Te Bheag Blended Whisky

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Te Bheag Un-chilfiltered Blended Whisky Miniature - 5cl The Té Bheag blended whisky is quite a fresh but...
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As a connoisseurs’ Gaelic Whisky, Tè Bheag contains a high proportion of aged single malts, matured in sherry casks.  Following the best of whisky making traditions and omitting the modern chilfiltering process, the heart of the whisky is preserved intact, giving a distinctively softer, fuller and richer character, acclaimed by connoisseurs. Tè Bheag, pronounced “Chey Vek”, is the colloquial and affectionate expression used in Gaelic when referring to a “wee dram”.

Nose: Fresh with a citrus note, good richness, a delicate peatiness and a light touch of cereal.
Palate: Weighty, slightly creamy, a good touch of liquorice with a toffee-like richness and a delicate peaty note.
Finish: Of good length with a rich soft spirited character.