Stroh Rum

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Stroh Rum Miniatures Stroh is an Austrian rum which is bottled at 80% alcohol. It has a pleasant...
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Stroh Rum Miniatures

Bottled superstrength at 80% ABV, do not be fooled by the inviting aromatic blend of vanilla and butterscotch escaping a bottle of Stroh Rum Miniaturesonce you open one for a tasting. This rum has been created to make your cocktail favourites come to life and is not advisable for neat, straight up serving.

The Stroh Rum 40 and Stroh Rum 60 trace its history back to 1832 Austria, back in the days when the Austro-Hungarian Empire still beheld the seat as one of the world’s superpowers. Its founders began creating spirits with schnapps before the wide and highly successful acceptance of the Stroh. 

In fact, this superstrength rum was rationed to the navy for medicinal purposes and served hot, until the coming of war-time Europe when imported raw materials became scarce. Those circumstances inevitably caused Stroh’s makers to innovate, eventually sourcing its ingredients from within, which eventually gave the rum its own personality and character, far from the taste and presentation of its Carribean cousins.

Today, Stroh is the leading brand of spirits flying the Austrian flag. The Stroh Jagertee Austrian rum 80 can be a wonderful way to wake up in the morning with a shot of espresso or, with your usual cup of coffee. Apart from fixing Stroh Jagertee cocktails, you can also bake your cakes and pastries or, flavour your meats with the rich, sumptuous taste of this rum. Never run out of stock with Stroh Rum miniatures.