Stolichnaya Vodka

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Stolichnaya Vodka Miniatures  Triple distilled only in Russia, Stolichnaya is a clean white plain spirit with pure, neutral,...
Stolichnaya Elit Ultra Luxury Vodka Miniature - 5cl   Avid vodka drinkers know that when it’s a Stoli,...
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Stolichnaya Vodka Miniatures

Stolichnaya, colloquially termed, “Stoli” is the kind of Russian Vodka you want to put anywhere on your lips and down on your throat. Stolichnaya vodka was first formulated in 1938 and since then has earned a worldwide reputation for delivering vodka made from wheat and rye that has been distilled four times.

It has become the preferred vodka of the average vodka drinker and for good reasons. It introduces itself strong to your palate, without the awful smell and overpowering taste of pure, distilled alcohol you so often experience from other similarly priced vodkas. When it warms your mouth, it doesn’t leave it dry and burned. These smooth and mild characteristics of Stolichnaya Vodka make it an ideal base for your favourite cocktail as well

Stolichnaya mini bottles are perfect if you like cycling between your vodka and scotch, and possibly with beers, wines, and brandies in between. Stolichnaya vodka miniatures permit you to occasionally indulge in this clear alcohol without risking losing the flavours like when you keep an open bottle of this vodka sitting on your shelf for too long.

A Stolichnaya vodka 5cl can be a good personal companion when you need to warm up during a freezing winter. Keep several bottles of Stolichnaya miniature at home to fix yourself and a few friends an irresistible glass of Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan or, Vodka Martini. Have a taste of how traditional Russian vodka is prepared and enjoyed —that is, left to freeze outside in the unforgiving snow — by getting your hands on a Stolichnaya Elit Miniature.