Sprite Soft Drink

A 150ml mini can of Sprite.
A pack of 150ml mini cans of Sprite.
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Sprite Zero Mini Bottles

Seasoned and occasional gin drinkers typically pick up a tonic or Sprite soda mini cans to mix with a classically rough, traditionally edgy gin drink. Why not? While top brands of tonic leave a dry and bitter aftertaste, Sprite brings the zest and sizzle to any glass of gin. Rather than neutralize your tastebuds, however, it leaves a sweeter, more acceptable palate that literally makes you forget that you’re actually holding a serving of jagged gin in your hand.

In case you’re counting your calories, care to have Sprite zero mini cans around to add to your go-to cocktails, whether they’re made by your bartender pal or if you got your shaker working your minibar at home. With zero sugar, you can stay on top of your calorie target and still get to mark the moment with Sprite-infused cocktail you want or, simply take it naked.

Fizzy and bubbly, Sprite zero mini bottles come in handy for mixed drinks, even for mocktails for family and friends who could care less for alcohol but remain appreciative of the bold and colourful single presentations. Sprite mini cans are just as great to have in the kitchen for marinating meat for an outdoor barbecue party or to give your country style chicken a different kind of zing.