original irish whiskey cream liqueur miniature 5cl

original irish whiskey cream liqueur miniature 5cl

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Baileys Irish Cream Miniatures 5cl

It’s hard not to love a Baileys' Irish Cream Liqueur miniature from the very first sip. While too many people around the world are in love with the Baileys miniatures from Ireland in their old-fashioned or shot glasses, very few get to enjoy the versatility of Baileys miniature bottles in some of the best known and best loved cocktails, which includes Mudslide and a creamy glass of martini.

Baileys Irish Cream Miniatures add more possibilities and excitement to otherwise regular drinks and desserts. A miniature Baileys Irish Cream tastes unforgettable when taken chilled and neat or, on the rocks. A Baileys Mini Irish Cream will work up a rather unusual but sensational flavour to your coffee, ice cream or shake. A Bailey's miniature may also come in handy for a baker when spiking pies, cupcakes, tarts, and muffins. There must be more than a thousand and one ways for a Baileys' Irish Cream miniature to be valuable for your kitchen or home bar.

Baileys Irish Cream mini bottles are great to have around for memorable home entertaining but also make great ideas for gifts for your best friend, sister, nextdoor neighbour, or co-worker. Buy Mini Baileys Irish Cream bottles in bulk for holiday gift-giving, New Year’s party or, as party favours for your wedding, debut, a bridal shower or a graduation party that you’re hosting.