superior rum miniature - 5cl

superior rum miniature - 5cl

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Bacardi Superior Rum Miniatures - 5cl

10 Years in the making until perfection, the Bacardi Superior Rum, also sold in Bacardi miniature, is very much unlike the almost savage character of traditional rum made in the Carribean. This classic white rum is aged in white oak barrels and passed through a specially flavoured and structured blend of charcoal that gives it its unique personality that sets it apart from others in its league.

More particularly, the Bacardi White Rum miniature is smoothly textured, glides softly on the palate, and leaves more subtle rum flavours masked with the delicate sweetness of vanilla blended with the woodiness of almond. Bacardi Superior Rum miniatures make an ideal rum-based for small batches or single servings of the classic mojito.

For many reasons but, best of all, to satisfy your rum cravings regardless of the season, it’s always a great idea to have a Bacardi rum mini in your bar collection. Since the Bacardi mini bottle is well-recognized for quality and luxury attached to its name, you’ll never run out of reasons to gift or to share a Bacardi mini.

Bacardi rum mini bottles closely resemble the regular sized bottle. Classic and classy rolled into one, a Bacardi is definitely one for your collection.