Southern Comfort Liqueur

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Southern Liqueur Miniatures   Southern Comfort miniatures was first formulated and released in 1874 in New Orleans. Contrary...
Southern Comfort Liqueur & Coke (Miniature & Mini Can Set) A 5cl Southern Comfort Liqueur miniature together with...
Southern Comfort Liqueur & Diet Coke (Miniature & Mini Can Set) A 5cl Southern Comfort Liqueur miniature together...
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Southern Comfort Miniatures

Smelling of the sweet and fruity aroma of peaches, Southern Comfort tastes the same way with the unmistakable taste of honey. Is it a whisky? Is it scotch? This drink, including the miniature Southern Comfort bottles, is more aptly referred to as a whiskey liqueur. It may look like scotch but, it is most definitely not a scotch.

Based on historical accounts, the original recipe was originally made using a grain-neutral spirit, combined with the addition of a concentrate of apricot and other fruits, and sugar. A Southern Comfort mini may lack the piquant taste of stronger whiskies, but it can just as well give you the cosiness you need on any night, whether you consider that regular or extraordinary.

Southern Comfort miniatures most suit drinkers who like the strong finish of whisky but, who are not big fans of its burning taste on the tongue and throat. If you know someone who likes whisky but loathes its strong taste, Southern Comfort mini bottles may be a good way to start their taste buds on this most welcome alternative. Small bottles of southern Comfort are also available for stocking your home bar with. For gift-giving, consider the Southern Comfort miniature gift set.