Silent Pool Gin

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Silent Pool Gin Miniatures The Silent Pool Gin miniature comes in a clear, transparent bottle with elegant labelling...
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Silent Pool Gin Miniatures

Silent Pool Gin is formulated, craft distilled and bottled in Albury Estate in Northumberland. The mindfully nestled distillery obtains access to crystal clear water that is distilled into gin prepped to its final shape using only artisanal hand-built copper stills, wood-fired steam boiler, and tanks. These brand facts make a Silent Pool gin miniature an irresistible addition to the collection of a gin enthusiast who also happens to be a strong advocate of sustainability. 

Silent Pool mini bottles contain the same high quality, handcrafted gin that can be found in regular-sized Silent Pool gins. The Silent Pool gin small bottle, unlike the original, however, is not printed with the same golden design pattern that its regular-sized counterpart is adorned with.

The Silent Pool gin gift set comes with a full-sized bottle and two complimentary wine glasses bearing the same pattern print as the gin bottle. Imagine gifting this complete with a gift box printed with the same pattern. The “intricately realized” Silent Pool Gin is also sold in a Silent Pool gift set which comes with a limited edition carton box specially intended as a present.

Silent Pool gin miniatures improve event recall when used as a token of appreciation. Nevertheless, feel free to pop open a bottle and drink neat or, as the gin base of the beautiful cocktails you know how to put together.