Smirnoff Miniatures

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Mexican silver Tequila (complete with red sombrero hat) is pure in taste with a fine and mild taste....
Sierra Tequila Reposado (Gold) Miniatures- 4cl Highly recommended for drinking neat and pure, the Sierra Tequila Reposado Gold...
Sierra Tequila Cafe Miniature - 4cl Sierra Tequila Café is created by bringing together the handcrafted Sierra Tequila...
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Smirnoff Miniatures

Not all alcohol drinkers are appreciative of strong, sharp flavours taken straight. With the ever-growing popularity of tequila, however, even drinkers who have a lower threshold for alcohol find licking salt, shooting tequila, and sucking on lemon quite an enticing way to enjoy it despite tequila delivering a strong, fiery sensation from the beginning all the way to the burning finish. For this, the Sierra Tequila miniatures are made up of seven tequila varieties to suit every tequila drinking mood you’re in.

The Sierra Silver Tequila 150 proof, presented as a pure, colorless spirit is best used for mixing to create the sensational margarita or, any other cocktail that requires a tequila. Still, even though one shot of Sierra Tequila Silver contains the amount of alcohol you’ll find in an entire bottle of wine, some people still dare take it straight. Just make sure you’re not driving if that’s how you prefer it.

 For neat drinking and taking rounds of shots with an intimate circle, the Sierra Tequila Reposado 100 agave comes highly recommended. Anyhow, the best way to enjoy this distilled tequila made from 100% Blue Agave and aged in cask for nine months is with a jigger to savour the classic tequila taste it carries along with its golden colour.

 Enjoy your tequila however way you want to in the comfort of your very own private space with a Sierra Tequila bottle.