Siderit Spanish Gin

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Siderit Ginger Lime Gin Miniatures Gin Siderit is an authentic recipe London Dry Gin which is handcrafted in...
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Siderit Spanish Gin Miniatures

Siderit Spanish gin miniatures feature gin extracted from the extraordinary process of using fractionated column glass stills. Siderit claims that this unique and innovative process produces gin of unparalleled purity which its makers claim is equivalent to five times the distill quality of typical metal distillation processing. This innovative, first-of-its-kind manner of gin production readily makes a Siderit Spanish gin miniature worthy of a gin enthusiast’s attention and collection. Siderit is named after the scientific name of a port tea endemic to Picos de Europa, particularly in the northern Cantabria region in Spain.

Mini Siderit London dry gin bottles are available in 5cl with a transparent glass and labels that closely resemble the regular-sized bottle. As such, the bottling also shows off the purity of the gin with a 43% ABV expression. Siderit Ginger Lime gin miniatures and 5cl Siderit gin hibiscus bottles are also available for gifting, favours, and, of course, for your personal satisfaction. Find all of these variants packaged in boxed Siderit Spanish Gift Set or, you may even combine miniatures to pull all of these wonderful gin flavours into a single package and even combine it with the Siderit vodka range.

The Siderit Spanish gift set is guaranteed to present a welcome treat to the celebrant, debutant or holiday recipient who has a strong preference for clear and flavoured gins, or gin-based cocktails. Siderit gin miniatures also impart a festive celebration when given away as party favours and event remembrance bottles.