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Sailor Jerry Rum Miniatures

Spiced rum, sailing, and tattoo -- The Sailor Jerry Rum Spiced is the culmination of a subculture created in Hawaii, at a time when national pride and love of country were the first order of the day. Crafted by a tattoo artist who goes by the name, Sailor Jerry, this spiced rum smells and tastes of dark sugar and vanilla -- originally, that is. The flavour of the Sailor Jerry Rum Vanilla was reformulated in 2010 which made some happy while others, not.

Bottled at super strength, the Sailor Jerry Rum 80 proof is sold in the UK, whereas the 92 proof is available in the US. At this highly concentrated portion, it is best to take this rum with a premixed cocktail of your choice to make the taste more relaxing and more inviting.

The Sailor Jerry Rum Gift Set is a fitting and thoughtful present for someone who enjoys taking his or her cocktails with rum.  Sailor Jerry mini bottles can make an even better gift for a collector. A Sailor Jerry Rum miniature could just as well be a novel addition for your mini bar at home. The baker in the family will also love to have those mini bottles around for those occasions for adults only bread and pastry recipes infused with rum.