Rozes Tawny Port

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Port Wine Miniatures Rozes Tawny Port miniature is a 5cl serving of a wine creation from Porto Rozes,...
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Rozes Tawny Port Miniatures

From Porto Rozes, winemakers from the Porto and Douro regions of Portugal, Rozes Tawny port miniatures are made using a combination of the traditional and more modern ways of wine-making which its makers proudly label as the key differentiator that distinguishes it from other wines produced in the region and elsewhere. The Rozes Port wine mini gift set provides a sampling of the highly acclaimed wine variants carrying the label.

Inside a dark screw bottle of Rozes Tawny Port 5cl mini is a moderately amber liquid that opens up to a wonderful blend of fruity aroma. The palate is well-balanced and it finishes with a mild taste of raisins. Every glass or mini bottle starts a curiosity that makes for a fine way to engage in conversation.

The Rozes Tawny Port miniature is best taken chilled and straight. It is best paired with fruity tarts and desserts which makes its natural sweetness stand out even more. Give away Rozes Tawny mini bottles for a more delightful celebration of those special milestones in your life or, have one when you just feel like sitting back and putting your feet up -- a great way to lift dampened spirits and brighten an otherwise uneventful day.