Rones Mexicanos

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Rones Mexicanos Miniature Gift Set - 6 x 5cl This gift set contains the following Mexican miniatures: 1...
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Rones Mexicanos Miniature Drink Gift Sets

The rum variants from the Mocambo Rones Mexicanos are well-respected and the tequilas from this house are not to be ignored. Much buzz has been created by its 20cl, 40% alcohol Mocambo Buccaneer Pistol which has become popular for gifting and personal collections for its unique pistol-shaped glass bottle. But wait until you see the Rones Mexicanos miniature drink gift sets which consist of 6 variants of tequila that come in 5cl-sized bottles.

Licores Mexicanos miniatures make for great gifting ideas, ideal collectors’ items, and make great event favours for all of life’s celebrations. Just think about it: mini bottles of tequila for wedding -- every bottle is a tribute to legendary traditions of crafting everyone’s well-loved liquor and the contents are most sought after. Besides, mini tequila bottles are more ideal to pass around for your great outdoor adventure evens. A miniature travel pack can also be an excellent companion for long drives, particularly on a cold night in the middle of chilly, cold winters.

You can also just order a miniature gift set for your own bar collection and for your tasting pleasure. In case you are specifically collecting regional favourites, the Japanese Whiskey miniatures gift set is also highly recommended.