Ron Abuelo Rum

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Ron Abuelo Anejo Rum Miniature - 5cl Ron Abuelo Anejo is a blend of carefully selected aged rums...
Ron Abuelo Anejo 12 Year old Rum 5cl Ron Abuelo Anejo is a Panama-based brand formulated by the...
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Ron Abuelo Rum Miniatures

Ron Abuelo is Panama’s largest producer of export-quality rum that boasts of a rapidly growing following in the global stage. Ron Abuelo Rum is distilled by Varela Hermanos which has been in operation since 1936. The resulting distill is the product of hand-harvested sugar cane which the distillery grows as well, and the combination of two rums: one that is light and another which is aromatic. The same blend can be enjoyed from Ron Abuelo rum miniatures.

Ron Abuelo small bottles are available in four variants: the Añejo 3-year-old, 7-year-old and 12-year-old rums, and Centuria. The Ron Abuelo Anejo miniatures, in particular, are aged in white oak. The taste and aroma are appealing to senses, with the distinct addition of woody vanilla and coconut flavours. Hints of spices and other botanicals can be picked up, leaving a hot, sweet and spicy aftertaste. The Ron Abuelo 12 year old rum miniatures house the oldest variant in the range.

Ron Abuelo small bottles are presented in dark tinted glass bottles with a crown top and labelling that resembles the regular-sized packaging, There are several choices if you decide on giving away a Ron Abuelo gift set as a present or, as party favour -- you can even gift it for yourself. Choices include a selection of the different variants of Ron Abuelo, available both in full-sized bottles and miniature bottles.