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Rock Rose Gin Miniatures

Light, fresh, floral and crisp, Rock Rose Gin is every bit a reflection of Caithness, the northernmost region of Scotland where its founders, husband and wife, Martin and Claire, first imagined how this gin will taste and created it for the rest of the world. Crafted by Dunnet Bay Distillers, this gin is infused with a lovely blend of local and exotic botanicals sourced from their best origins around the globe. The same skillful craftsmanship and copper distilled gin finds its way into Rock Rose gin miniatures.

Rock Rose gin small bottles provide better alternatives to regular-sized bottles when the intention is for personal consumption or, fixing solo and small batches of gin-based cocktails perfect for after work hours, weekend staycations, and after parties at home,  Unlike the opaque, white regular-sized bottles, however, a Rock Rose gin miniature comes in a transparent red bottle with an exposed crown cap but, it bears the same label with a vintage, countryside design which can be easily customised for your personal purpose. The chic packaging presents a nostalgic feeling that comes with a Rock Rose gin gift.

The Rock Rose gin gift Set and the Rock Rose gin gift box are typically packaged with Rock Rose miniatures that come in the three most highly acclaimed variants of this brand of gin which are the Premium Scottish Gin, Hand Crafted Scottish Gin, and Old Tom Gin. Other times, the Rock Rose gin set also features the brand’s Holy Grass Vodka and combines these with Fever-Tree Tonic Water. Rose Rose Gin miniature gift sets are guaranteed to make someone special in your life feel, well, special.