Pott Rum

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Pott Rum Miniature - 4cl Molasses taken from sugar cane is raw material of this rum, after pressing...
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Pott Rum Miniatures

The Pott Rum is available in 40% and 54% alcohol proof. Otherwise known as the Der GutePott in Germany, the brand was founded in Flensburg in 1848. First formulated and bottled in a small town distillery, Pott Rum miniatures speaks of its colourful beginnings and epic development surviving two World Wars viewed from outside the bottle and admired as it splashes a sensuous blend of flavours inside your mouth.

The Pott Rum 54 is sensational with its premium taste owing to the premium quality of sugar cane that is processed and distilled to create the robust flavour uniquely available only in every bottle of Pott Rum. While the most discriminating taste of connoisseurs appreciates the taste of this rum, ordinary folk cherish this golden brown rum whether taken hot and neat to warm up unforgiving winters or, added to spice up ordinary and luxurious desserts alike.

Pott Rum miniatures provide an avenue of exploring the smooth, signature taste and aroma of this alcoholic drink. Converse with it, mix it, cook with it -- do it whatever you want with it and you still end up with the premium quality taste you expect from a legend. Witness firsthand the reason why this rum has survived close to 200 years and end up still enjoying hearty popularity from rum fanatics the world over.