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Plymouth Sloe Gin Miniature - 5cl Plymouth Sloe Gin is the colour of Autumn with a nose which...
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Gin miniature - 5cl
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Plymouth Gin Miniatures

From the oldest working distillery located in England, the makers of Plymouth Gin have been refining a blend since 1793 that, today, everybody recognizes to be nothing else but Plymouth.

Plymouth gin miniature is made from grains. The crystal-clear liquid is infused with fresh florals blended together. The infusion of a wonderful combination of botanicals includes juniper berries, orange and lemon peels, angelica and orris roots, coriander seeds, and green cardamom. The floral and zesty scent of this indulgent mix of botanicals is also ever-present in the Plymouth gin 5cl.

For an even more defined English tradition, try sipping of the Plymouth sloe gin miniatures. This variant is made with the same ingredients as the Plymouth gin mini. The sloe gin has a fruitier and slightly nutty aroma and flavour. The full-bodied gin leaves a long, fresh and fruity taste after having a sip. Its complex composition and flavouring stand out when taken straight with ice cubes in a glass. Although, it has also become a top preference of mixologists as a base for some of the world’s most favourite cocktails. It does have a reputation for being the refreshing alcohol appropriate even for summers spent under the sun.